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Wichtiger Hinweis!

Aus rechtlichen Gründen müssen wir Sie darauf aufmerksam machen, dass die patentierte ZES Vision Biotechnologie und die von ihr verwendeten Prinzipien und Methoden am ehesten dem Bereich der komplementären Medizin zuzurechnen sind. Die Wirkung ist wissenschaftlich und schulmedizinisch nicht bestätigt. Die Verwendung der patentierten ZES Vision Biotechnologie ersetzt keinesfalls die Behandlung eines Arztes bzw. eines Therapeuten. Durch das weitere Ansehen dieser Homepage bzw. der diversen Texte und Inhalte wird dieser Hinweis zustimmend zur Kenntnis genommen.  

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ZES biotechnology is able to absorb particularly „low-energy"parts oft he electrosmog and convert them into harmless heat (visible with a thermal imaging camera). These are exactly those low-energy components that are on the same or similar frequency with the cells of all biological systems and can therefore communicate with these biological systems. This is of extraordinary importance for every biological system and therefore for every organism (e. g. humans, animals,plants): 


All biological systems (organisms) consist of a multitude of cells. Each of these cells communicates with its neighboring cells by ultra-weak low-energy fields or is controlled via these fields by a control system (central nervous system). 


In particular, the ultraweak fields emitted into the environment by our civilization (electronic causers, geopathogenic zones, water veins etc. ) are therefore able to disrupt or negatively influence the natural cell communication. This disorder can cause the cells in the biological system to change and no longer be able to perform their original function. Cell division causes these altered cells to multiply. This can result in pain or illness.


The normal organism usually reacts uncritically to strong electromagnetic disturbances for a long time (there is no typical electrician's disease!). He can easily distinguish them from his own signals. But even here it can lead to problems in biological systems in the long term. 


This is also the explanation why science repeatedly questions the clear connections between electrosmog and human health. 


For example, manufacturers of mobile phones and accessories only take care of the portion of their radiated signals that can be used for telephoning. The whole range of electromagnetic "waste products"; is largely meaningless for manufacturers and operators due to their low strength (but not the influence on biological systems).


This is where the patented (EU/US) ZES biotechnology comes in. Via the antenna (spiral), it picks up all ultra-weak interference fields (energy fields) like a vacuum cleaner and converts these interference fields into harmless heat. These interference fields are therefore no longer expected of the organism. As a result, all healthy biological cells can once again take care of their actual tasks and thus ensure a healthy and immune organism. 


Biological cells with a disturbed information structure can no longer reproduce new energy fields.Regular and permanent use of ZES Biotechnology products cleanses, optimizes and rewards the organism with a significantly improved sense of well-being.



ZES biotechnology is patented in Europe and in the United States of America and is protected by trademark law. These are expressly granted patents, i.e. the function of ZES biotechnology has been confirmed and recognized by the patent scientists.


The Patents are registered under the following numbers: 


European Patent: EP 1 230 831 B1 

US Patent: 6,611,412 B1